The only brand you're going to want to wear during the rest of the confinement

You dream of giving up your clothes that are too bland for unique and elegant pieces… You are done spending hours desperately searching the web in search of the ultimate outfit... We have traveled through the hottest e-shops to share them with you, regardless of your budget and style.

And today, for our Instant Discovery #161 , We go to meet POMPOM Paris A ready-to-wear brand that brings together comfort and chic, softness and trend, well-being and sexeness, to take over our style when we are tempted to stay in pajamas throughout the day.

Launched by Lola Rykiel, POMPOM Paris Takes up the codes of sportschic, so dear to her grandmother, Sonia Rykiel, and adds a touch of freshness and sweetness, to become our favorite brand.

This is by finding velvet dead stock dating from the 90 s, used for the brand Sonia Rykiel , from which Lola gives birth to POMPOM. She has the fabric dyed and reworked, and gives new life to a chic and fashionable style, which could have been forgotten.

In these confined times, we can only fall under the charm of this collection imagined by Lola. Falsely inspired by dance and yoga lessons, Pompom Paris pieces promise you to Wrap you in beauty and inner peace.

Radiant velvet set, soft and sexy wrap tops, bewitching leggings and sparkly little touches... POMPOM Paris offers A variety of stylish and fashionable pieces , For a look that will stick to your skin until the end of the night.


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