Ils parlent de POMPOM

Paris Match

Le Talent en héritage

"Le POMPOM, ma Grand mère en mettait partout. C'est ma madeleine de Proust ! "

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HÉRITAGE Lola Rykiel lance sa propre griffe

« Plus l’époque est dure et plus je mets du doux », disait Sonia Rykiel.

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Madame Figaro

(Petite)-fille de la mode

La petite-fille de Sonia Rykiel lance sa propre marque de lazy wear, Pompom,

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Lola Rykiel—Granddaughter of Sonia—Launches a Collection of Her Own

Today, Lola is following in her grandmother’s chic footsteps and launching a collection called Pompom that has a specificity all its own.

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Where did the name "Pompom" come from?

Pompon means "tassels" in French, but with an American twist. My grandmother used to put pompons everywhere—on the shoes, the sweaters, her drawings, packed the presents she will give us for birthdays. I loved the way she pronounced it too.

It is synonymous of childhood for me and very nostalgic.

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